SSG Member's Compilation CD

Through the generosity of Morris Arts, SSG has a grant to help produce a Member's Compilation Promotional CD.

There will be approximately 20 songs on the CD selected by a panel. As a promotional item for both SSG and the members included, we seek a representation of our membership. Some will be relatively new as well as some of our more established folk. Each member selected will receive a number of CDs for themselves. SSG will retain some for promo at our events and conferences we attend. Production costs will be covered by the grant and SSG - there will be a submission fee also, to help with cost. If selected, the artist must sign a conditional release to SSG for use of the song on the CD as a promotional item, with no fees to be paid. SSG will not sell the CDs nor use the song in any other form. All rights are retained by the artist. We will accept "demos" for submission, but would prefer a recording of reasonable quality for the CD. Album mastering will be done to make the CD's sound congruous. Fully produced songs are okay as are simple voice/guitar/keyboard songs.

1. Select your original song, send an mp3 or reasonable size music file to - include your name.
2. Submit $10.00 payment through the button here to the SSG account. We will not consider tunes without the fee paid.
3. Receive a confirmation from us when both are done.

DEADLINE to submit is October 1st!  We need time to listen, select and prep the tunes and artwork.

We would like the CD ready for Nerfa which is Nov.7th

Name / Song Title